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It's not just about PRODUCING amazing eggs, its about sustainability.
Our hens

About us

Sherston Free Range Eggs is a small family farm run by Gail and Bruce Hamilton.  We produce and market eggs to local shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants throughout Gloucestershire, North Wiltshire and parts of Oxfordshire for the last 30 years.

our hens withsheep

Our Hens

We believe in a sustainable environment with a symbiosis between hens and sheep. Our hens are protected by electric fences whilst out on their range and are inspected by us a minimum of 5 times a day.

Sherston Free Range Eggs

Our Eggs

Our eggs are collected three times a day then transported across  the fields to a packing station where they are selected for quality.  Any cracked or dirty eggs are taken out and the rest are graded into four sizes and packed ready for delivery.. 

More About Our Hens

Happy hens make for a good egg
Sherston Free Range Eggs

Our Story

Gail and Bruce Hamilton have been producing free-range eggs for over 30  years.  We started in small mobile hen houses with just a handful of chickens.  Our reputation for tasty eggs and high quality animal welfare soon spread.  Consumers were also getting savvier, as the importance of food provenance and animal welfare increased so did demand for free range eggs.  We progressed to larger static sheds and eventually to the large movable hen houses which ensure our hens always have access to fresh pasture.

Our hens being Fed


Our hens have access to paddocks from dawn to dusk which they share with our flocks of sheep.  Their feed is free from antibiotics and hormones.  The three main ingredients are:

Soya Meal
Sunflower Seeds

We also include a natural yolk pigment based on marigold petals & paprika.  Togeher with access to ad-lib mixed grit made up of oyster shell to improve eggshell strength & flint grit to aid the digestion of grass.

Free Range Hens

Housing & Rearing

Our hen houses are large enough so that if it's cold, wet or windy the hens can choose to stay inside.  They are light, airy and well insulated so the hens stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Inside the houses the hens have a perching area for sleeping, nest boxes for laying and a litter area for dust bathing and scratching.  Fresh Food and water is available at all times.Outside, they have access through 'pop' holes to to free draining grass paddocks from dawn to dusk.  Our hens are protected at all times by electric fencing.

We are members of laid in britain

Laid in Britain is an assurance scheme which offers the highest standards of food safety and bird welfare.

Laid in Britain is a viable alternative to the Lion Brand used by supermarkets.

Laid in Britain membership ensures we comply with stringent health and safety regulations and as a result produce salmonella free eggs

  • Independently Audited.

  • Regularly test for Salmonella

  • Adhere to stringent HACCP procedures

    Vaccinate against main strands of salmonella

More can be found out about Laid in Britain Assurance Scheme by clicking on the link below.

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